Sinrex Vs VigRX Plus

The title, “SinRex Vs VigRx Plus” can be misleading because it connotes that these are two competing products. We’ll set the record straight: these two products are complementary and are both effective and powerful pills that make possible permanent penis enlargement. The use of the word “versus” in SinRex Versus VigRx Plus is just an easier way to compare the two pills and is not intended to play one against the other. sells both and highly recommends both with no hesitation. That’s because SinRex believes in giving customers as many choices as possible. For as long as products are safe and made in North America and have passed the criteria for male enhancement in a controlled lab setting, we will offer them to the public without playing favorites.

So let’s do a comparison of SinRex Versus VigRx Plus:

SinRex Versus VigRx Plus: Medical Approval / Ingredients

Sinrex uses all natural ingredientsThe ingredients in SinRex male enhancement pills have been clinically tested; they are strong and powerful antioxidants to help prevent wear and tear of the male’s reproductive organs. Because all of its ingredients are natural botanicals, doctors agree that safety is of no concern. SinRex male enhancement pills contain green tea and EGCG plus at least ten other herbs that potentially increase sexual energy and stamina significantly. This link lists all the ingredients and how each ingredient plays a key role in enhancing your sexual life. VigRx Plus Pills are endorsed by no less than three doctors, one of them being Dr. Steven Lamm, author of the Hardness Factor. He is also a clinician and male health expert. The penis has a delicate part called the Corpora Cavernosa – the cavity that receives blood to and from the penis. As men age, however, the Corpora Cavernosa has a reduced capability to facilitate the circulation of blood. When there is decreased blood flow to the penis, a man experiences difficulty in maintaining his erections. His orgasms become infrequent and his sexual performance and stamina begin to decline. VigRx Plus Capsules will reinforce the Corpora Cavernosa, thanks to the ingredients that were added to the proprietary blend. VigRx Plus Capsules contain Tribulus and Damiana and an ingredient called Bioperine®. Both Damiana and Tribulus are libido enhancers. The formula that was used to manufacture VigRX Plus™ includes aphrodisiac herbal concentrates sourced from China, Europe and South America and later refined and blended in a US laboratory.

SinRex Versus VigRX Plus: Benefits

Both SinRex and VigRx Plus male enhancement pills are proud of the immediate benefits that customers will experience within just a few weeks of taking them. Both products not only increase penis length and girth on a permanent basis, but they also improve the man’s overall sexual health. As the saying goes, health is wealth. Everything begins with good sexual health. When a man achieves the perfect state of health and wellness, he can rely on his penis to do the job it’s supposed to do: give him more exciting and longer-lasting erections, better quality orgasms, and fewer instances of premature ejaculation. Both pills also contribute to semen volume. The higher the semen count, the better the quality of erections and orgasms.

Sinrex is the next generation of male enhancement pills

SinRex Versus VigRX Plus: Shipping / Money-Back Guarantee

SinRex male enhancement pills are shipped via UPS where you have a tracking system at your disposal. Just mention which address you want your pills shipped to and we’ll handle your order discreetly and confidentially. Allow 2-3 daysyou’re your product to arrive. All orders for VigRx Plus are processed within 48 hours and sent through express courier. Orders cannot be shipped to PO boxes, unless customer agrees to shipping via regular mail (allow 3-4 weeks’ delivery for regular mail). In terms of the money back guarantee, SinRex versus VigRx Plus are on equal footing. Although SinRex has never given substantial refunds to dissatisfied customers and in spite of the high success rating of SinRex versus VigRx Plus, it stands firm on its money-back guarantee. This way, customers have the assurance that they can always rely on SinRex to deliver on its promise. For the money-back guarantee, SinRex vs VigRx plus have the same attractive deal: 90 days for SinRex and 67 days for VigRx. This means that if within the three month period you are not satisfied with SinRex male enhancement pills, you can return both opened and unopened bottles and receive a full refund. As for VigRx Plus, you have a grace period of 67 days to take advantage of the guarantee. If you purchased a two-month supply, simply return the bottles (opened and unopened) and we’ll refund you your money. Shipping and handling will be deducted from the refund amounts.

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