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Sinrex provides real results where they matter the mostOne good way to buy SinRex supplements is to first look at our various supply packages. The higher the number of months’ supply you buy, the more SinRex supplements you get for free. You also have the option to just buy SinRex supplements without buying supplies of Sinrex male enhancement pills but…why not have both for the price of one?

You’re not actually just getting two for the price of one. All of our packages come with bonuses because other SinRex supplements are already included with your purchase. This way you don’t need to buy SinRex supplements separately.

Buying SinRex Pills Means You Also Buy SinRex Supplements (for Free!) One Month Supply Package

Here are our various packages:

Sinrex’ one month supply package regularly costs $199.95. This is NOT the price you pay. You pay only $124.95 plus you get an additional one month supply at no extra charge if you quote promo code DISC75, this one-month + one free month package will cost you only $124.95 PLUS you get much, much more. This is definitely a great incentive to buy SinRex supplements without paying for them! Three Month Supply Package Our three-month supply package is normally sold for $259.95, but you pay only $184.95 if you use promo code DISC75. Why buy SinRex supplements when you can get them for free? Confirm your order for three months’ supply of SinRex male enhancement pills today and enjoy these SinRex supplements immediately! Here’s what you get:

  • 120 SinRex (Red Box)L-Arginine HCL Male Enhancement Pills
  • 120 SinRex (Blue Box) Lycopene OM3 With EGCG Performance Enhancement Pills
  • Bonus $25 SinRex Gift Card
Feel bigger feel better with Sinrex

Difference between our one-month package ($124.95) and our three month package ($184.95): You receive 30 capsules each of the extra supplements if you buy one month’s supply, and 120 capsules if you buy the three-month supply package. That means 90 additional capsules for the SinRex Lycopene OM3 and EGCGPerformance Ehancement Pill for the three-month supply! Hurry while these male enhancement supplies are still available! Six Month Supply Package This deal normally retails for $375.95, but it’s yours for only $300.95 with promo code DISC75. If you give us your order for six months’ supply of SinRex male enhancement pills, there is no need to buy SinRex supplements separately because these are included with your purchase. You will receive:

Difference between the three-month and six month supply package So between the three month package and the six-month package, you get double the quantity of SinRex supplements, a free DVD and a $25.00 gift card in the six month package. See if any other retailer of male enhancement products can match that! Twelve Month Supply Package

12 Month Supply

Our 12-month package has got to be the best deal in the market, especially if you’re thinking of buying SinRex supplements. Retailing for $ 495.95, you pay only $420.95 with promo code DISC75 plus you get to enjoy these amazing extras – at no additional cost to you!

You will receive a 12 Month Supply of SinRex(Blue)12 Month Supply of SinRex (Red), a PenisAccess Membership (Valued at $69.95), a 2 DVD set for Better Sex Guide (valued at $79.95) a Free Euro Extender Penis Enlargement Device (valued at $199.95); and a $50.00 SinRex Gift Card.

Sinrex provides an unbeatable value

If you look at all the extras you’re getting with the 12-month supply, you’ll realize why we say that this has got to be the best deal ever when it comes to buying a total male enhancement package. Imagine getting a free membership at PenisAccess. PenisAccess is your immense clearinghouse of information relating to subjects covering strategies, techniques, tips, exercises and other topics relevant to increasing penis size and adding to your sexual reserves of energy and stamina.

By becoming a member of PenisAccess, you will be interacting online with males who can share their knowledge about improving your penis size, penis health, and penis performance. Or share your knowledge with them and be a valuable resource to the community.

With the 12-month supply package you also receive two DVDs containing your sex guide that shows couples demonstrating different erotic positions. These DVDs are guaranteed to add the missing spice to perk up your sexual encounters. You and your partner can experiment with various positions demonstrated on the DVD and ultimately select a few that you’re comfortable with. Watching DVDs is one effective method to stimulate all five senses and will lead you to discovering paths you’ve never taken before!

And if you want to double your male enhancement and penis increase efforts, you also get a free Euro Extender penis enlargement device complete with comfort straps, silicone harnesses and elongation rods with various pressure weights and tensions. A penis extender helps to activate inactive cells in penis tissue and to improve blood flow to and from the penis.

Buy SinRex Supplements and Find Out About their Botanical Benefits

When you buy your SinRex pills and receive your SinRex supplements, there are three principal ingredients (among many others) that are mentioned on the label – L-Arginine, Lycopene and EGCG . We’ll briefly describe these ingredients:

TheSinRex Lycopene OM3 with EGCG performance enhance capsules is a proprietary blend of lycopene and EGCG – two important substances for male libido. Lycopene is known as an antioxidant. With the help of lipoproteins, it is transported from the stomach and accumulates in other organs like the liver and testes. Researchers may have detected a link between the consumption of lycopene and improvements in conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and male infertility.

EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) is another powerful antioxidant mostly found in green tea and while more studies are needed to confirm its value for human health, it is said to have certain properties vital to preserving overall health.

L-Arginine is one of about 20 natural amino acids. While it is produced by the body, most individuals have to obtain it from plant sources because the body’s natural production of L-Arginine is not sufficient. Arginine plays a key role in cell division, wound healing, elimination of ammonia waste from the body, reinforcement of the immune system and in the release of hormones.

L-Arginine has shown beneficial effects for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Buy SinRex Supplements? Get them Free! You can certainly buy SinRex supplements by visiting http://www.sinrex.com/products.php and choosing among our various products and accessories. But like we said, why not buy SinRex enhancement pills and get your supplements at NO additional cost?

Let’s discuss the best package for you and we’ll explain how you can buy SinRex supplements without spending an extra penny!

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